Composing A Winning College Essay On Social Media

Social media have silently crept in our lives and transformed it in more than one way. It has impacted the way we think, live and react. The impact of social networking sites on us, especially the younger generation is a subject of study and research all over the world. If you want to write an essay on the impact of social media on society, you can be assured that the readers will show an interest in your essay as this is a very relevant and topical issue. This lime light also can be a problem as the media is abuzz with the revelations about the negative effects of social networking sites almost every day. Here are some practical points to turn the topicality of the subject in your favor and craft a winning essay.

Choose your topic carefully

This is a popular subject so you should spend time on selecting the topic and your approach to the topic. One better approach is to think about your association with the issue and write a reflective essay on social networking effects or social networks and our young generation. The readers might be interested in your personal experience than dry statistics and facts.

It is imperative that whatever topic you choose, it should be in accordance with the requirements of your assignment prompt and faculty. Clear any confusion regarding the topic or approach with your teacher before proceeding further.

Express your intensity

Be spontaneous while writing. Refer to sociological theories if needed to demonstrate your understanding and point. Narrate about how the issue has impacted you or your immediate circle. Don’t be hesitant to acclaim or dissect any popular or theoretical assumptions on the issue. Aim for an explicit and critical analysis of the situation and this might add an independent, analytical yet unique perspective to your point of view.

Be thorough with your research

While writing an essay on a topical issue like social media, you should be thorough and detailed in your research. Your personal account can be a tool to expose the perspective and you need to back it up with relevant data and information. You also might try to use definitions, number of users, different characteristics of the social media and dissect them to make your point.

Research the established theories, popular assumptions and incidents on the issue to incorporate the relevant information in your social networking essay. A detailed research will not only support your point but also help in analyzing or predicting trends. This might present a unique perception of the problem.

Structure suitably

Create a rough layout or outline of your essay in the beginning, using the main points which you think are the pillars of your point. The data and supporting information fleshes out the main points. A great introduction helps immensely as it draws the readers and exposes them to the rest of the essay. Think about seamless and natural transition from one point to another. You can use humor but take care not to overdo it. Summarize your reflections in the conclusion and ensure that the references and quotations’ are cited properly.

Social networking sites essay can be fun to write if you plan properly and apply yourself. Start your work early so that you have enough time for revisions and more drafts if necessary.